Sunday, April 30, 2006

Life Before Mobile Phones
My hubby is constantly moaning at me cos my mobile phone is usually somewhere at the bottom of my handbag and by the time I answer the blooming thing, he has cut off. Anyway, we were mooching around a market last weekend when I saw this lush mobile phone holder that hangs round ya neck. Wear it or I strangle you with it, was my darlings husbands retort. So, so far he has managed to get me in the loo at work. At the checkout down Asda, talking to a customer, and a phone call at 1am in the morning (Im in bed and he is downstairs), to come down and photograph the cat cos she looks so cute and I don't want to disturb her. aaaaaaarrrgggggghhhhhh (no I dont wear it to bed - i hang it off a chair).
I actually quite enjoyed going for a blood test this week, cos I could turn the blooming thing off.
I know they can be a godsend in our hour of need, eg. when you get stuck on the pub car park and you get locked out of the car and need the AA (& no, I hadnt been drinking - just coffee and lunch with me ol mucker Jaks), but omg, they can be an absolute pain in the but at times.
Still quite like my holder though. Great to store ya lippy and money, instead of carrying a handbag.

Friday, April 28, 2006

ooooer. she who must be obeyed has tagged me. So here goes Jak:

5 Things

(1) Five things in my fridge

Muller Lite
Tandoori Chicken (leftover)

(2) Five things in my Wardrobe
Mikes many clothes
My large clothes
My smaller clothes
Mikes Panama hat (lol)

(3) Five things in my bag
LIPPY (I dont leave the house without me lippy)
Mobile phone
Credit/Debit/Loyalty Cards

(4) Five things in my car
Scrapbooking mags (to read whilst waiting for OH when in Hydrotherapy/acupuncture
Change (money that is, not clothes)
Business stuff

(5) Five programmes i would save on Tivo (If I knew wot it woz, that is)
Crossing over (bit of a theme going on here, lol)
Friends (cos I dont care how many re-runs, i still love it and laugh as if it were first time Ive seen it)
Will and Grace

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Worked most of Easter Weekend. Booked for Scrappersunlimited Retreat at Gloucester in November. Hoooooray. Really excited about that. My sis has come down to stay as its her birthday. We have been 'doing' all the local craft stores, as she has decided to become a 'card maker'. I made her a canvas for her birthday, which she loved. Its is based on Kirstys layout 'Baby Blue' . It is the last piccie she had taken with Dad before he passed to the other side. Did it it Lilac as this is her fave colour and will go nicely in her bedroom.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Its Been A Sad Week
Cos Scott and Janine have split up. They have split up a couple of times, but this time I think it is the real thing. It's a shame as I do believe they had a genuine love for each other, however, their rows over the past 12 months have become difficult for everyone else to live with, so goodness knows what its been like for them. Always sad when a relationship comes to an end. I hope they can stay mates though, as they shared an important part of each others lives.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ally Pally

Looking forward to Saturday. Going to the Ally Pally Show (by Limo, just in case i forgot to mention). Looking for loadsa stash, cos just joined two luverly CJ's. One is doodling and flowers and my theme is 'Favourite Musicals' and the other one is for ATC Newbies, which is me, as i have never made an ATC before - my theme is Angels and Fairies. Looking forward to both of those, so need loadsa new stuff for them. Will have lots more piccies to post too, whilst doing them. Apart from that, started a canvas for my sisters birthday, which I know will make her cry. Will post a piccie when its finished. made a few cards. worked. Thats about it.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Had a great day today. Swindon crop. I love it. We have a great bunch of girls and have a good laugh. Making a canvas for my sister for her birthday, so worked a bit on that. Did the weekly challenge on UKS this week. Had to include water, something shiny, something from the house, and a hidden tag. here is my little effort. Did it a bit quick to get it in in time, but at least its a page for the album.