Saturday, December 30, 2006

That Awful Call

Remember the little car on the left. The one we bought Matt for his 18th birthday. Well look below, here it is now.

The car is a right-off. 'Thankfully Matt walked away unharmed and no-one else was involved. So thank God all we have lost is money, and I couldn't care in the slightest about every penny of it. Getting that phone call to say he had crashed made my blood run cold. It's awful. Thankfully he was going very slow (God knows what happens at speed), he was travelling over a road full of speed bumps and he thought something had fallen off the car (he said it sounded as if the back windscreen had fallen off - the one we had replaced the month before when it was smashed due to burglars nicking his CD player!!!). He briefly turned to see what had fallen (nothing has it happens), turned back round to find himself being wrapped round a lamp post. The car was proclaimed a 'right off' due to the chassis having been pushed right back and the roof kinking, or something similar. The car seemed jinxed. Broken into twice, and now this - all since June. So, its gone - kapput. We have had it scrapped and informed DVLA so that it can never be used again.

I was talking to a fireman friend of mine (I used to be married to one). The day before he had had the terrible terrible job of releasing four young teenagers killed in a car crash near Worcester. The car had hit a tree. My heart breaks for the phone call their parent's must have received.

I told him about Matt's crash and how he thankfully walked away unhurt (bit of wiplash). He said that sometimes it is 'good', if that is the right word, for a young male to have a bump in the first year of driving as long as no-one is hurt. It brings their mortality home to them and they seriously think about their driving skills. They tend to think they are invincible, don't they, these youngsters.

Just wanted to get that post out of the way before the New Year.

Welcome to his new little car, a Hyundai, that we have bought for him. He needs a car for his job as he works about 8 miles away from where he is living with my sister. She lives out in the sticks so there isn't even public transport for him to get into Worcester. He does have the option of living with us in Swindon, but he has found a job that he absolutely loves (he is a personal trainer), and doesn't want to give it up. So, hopefully, a lesson will have been learnt and his eyes will no longer stray from that road!

Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year Resolution
Ok. So, it is only the 29th, but my New Year Resolution is going to be 'I will update my Blog on a regular basis'. Haven't been around much lately. A lot going on as usual. However, my youngest son put it all into perspective for me. 'Considering you do all this meditation stuff and are always preaching about the power of positive thinking - how come you go to pieces whenever you are stressed over us kids'. Wow, totally correct. The rest of the world with all the good and bad, I can cope with. My motto 'what doesn't kill ya, makes you stronger', for me, only seems to work as long as my kids aren't involved. So, I have had a good think over the Christmas holiday, and my son is totally right. I need to practice what I preach on a daily basis, whatever is going on in my life, good or bad. It has not been a good year, and I have found I have only been able to scrap and blog when things are going ok. So, hopefully, all that is going to change. Life is life, good bad and ugly on a daily basis. I love my scrapping and intend to try really hard to keep it all going throughout the bad times as well as the good. I will also find time to meditate regularly and continue practising my spirituality. I used to sit in a 'circle'. Haven't done that for a while. If work allows, I will try to join another circle (difficult though as it isn't something you can just 'turn up' to occasionally - it is a commitment). So, for now bloggers, I leave you with this piccie - Its an old one, but one of my favourites of my son and his girlfriend. (I hope to take more piccies and put them on my blog - cos I know when I read blogs, I love to look at the piccies). Piccie mad us Scrappers. lol.
btw. whats with the new google blog thing that they are asking us to use on Blogger?