Saturday, January 27, 2007

This is a picture I really like of Mary (my mother in law who passed 48 hours ago). She absolutely loved babies, and this is our Matt, bless. 18 years ago. Mike and I were going into London for the weekend and dropped Matt off with Mary and John (Mikes stepdad). Up to about the age of 3, she would willingly have them, so Mike and I used to make the most of it and go to London quite a lot. However, once they got passed about 3 years old, she never really bothered with them again - which I used to find really odd, but then, heyho we are all different, thank goodness.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Goodbye Mary
My mother-in-law passed over tonight. She was a good woman who has had a very interesting life. Her passing was very peaceful - direct opposite to the torment of the past two years. Poor woman went through hell - she had Lewy Bodies Dementia. When my hubby and I visited her yesterday, she had a very very rare moment of lucidity (for the past six months she hasn't known who we are, or who she is) - she looked at us and said 'I can't do this anymore, I've just had enough, there's only so much you can take and I can't take it anymore'. I knew then her spirit was leaving.
God Bless You Mary - Love and Light. xxxx

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mixed Feelings
Received a phone call yesterday evening from Winchester Hospital. Mike's (hubby) mum is critically ill. Drove down to Winchester today to see what is going on, as Mike's sister can sometimes be a little dramatic (bordering on hysteria, normally). Anyway, besides the Alzheimer's that she has been suffering from, she also suffers with emphesyma. She now has pnueomonia. She hasn't eaten for three days, and the doctors have said they will not resuscitate if she needs it. Due to her alzheimers, she has a fear of anything over her face, so will not allow them to put oxygen mask on her, so they have now decided not to give her oxygen either, as it distresses her too much. Her skin has started to break open and bleed (Im assuming due to lack of fluids), she is taking very very short sharp breaths, her fingertips and lips are blue, and when she coughs she sounds like she is drowning. She is totally disorientated and is asking for her mom (who has been dead 30 years). Good God, we would not allow an animal to go through this. I only pray she will go in her sleep, for her own sake.
I cannot say we have always seen eye to eye. However, I have always respected her as a very intelligent, well travelled, well mannered lady. One of the 'old school' with a military family. Big on etiquette. A little bit prim maybe (compared to me,lol). This is just awful to see her like this, and I know she would be totally horrified herself if she was in her 'right' mind.
Time to make a Living Will, methinks. Bring on Euthanasia for me please.

Left is a picture of Mary (Mike's mum), she is the one in the centre of the piccie. This was taken when she lived in Singapore, 1958. The little blonde fellah, in the right hand corner, is my hubby, no less. lol. (does he look like a little girl, or what!!).pmsl.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Finished At Last

Learned how to make this gorgeous paper bag book in Fiona's Class at ScrappersUnlimited Retreat in Gloucester. I originally wanted to make it for Janine's 21st Birthday in November, but didn't get it finished in time. In fact, didn't finish it in time for Christmas either. However, she has had it today as a New Year gift and she absolutely loved it.

I really enjoyed making it too, so hope to make many more in the future. There's loads of tags and secret places for piccies and inspirational quotes. I made mine on a 'love' theme, with lots of piccies of Scott and Janine. Very pleased with the finished product.