Saturday, January 27, 2007

This is a picture I really like of Mary (my mother in law who passed 48 hours ago). She absolutely loved babies, and this is our Matt, bless. 18 years ago. Mike and I were going into London for the weekend and dropped Matt off with Mary and John (Mikes stepdad). Up to about the age of 3, she would willingly have them, so Mike and I used to make the most of it and go to London quite a lot. However, once they got passed about 3 years old, she never really bothered with them again - which I used to find really odd, but then, heyho we are all different, thank goodness.

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Darcy said...

My MIL passed almost 3 years ago, she had Lewy Bodies syndrome too, and suffered terribly for almost 4 years. I am glad your MIL's passing was peaceful.