Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Long Time - No Post
It has been a long time since I last posted - so my New Year's Resolution, yet again, down the pan.
However, once more into the breach. This year appears to be going the same as most years. More downs than ups. Being a very positive optimistic person normally - I feel as if the 'Gods' are really trying my Faith. Let's see how much we can throw at her, then we will see how positive she is. I'm sure we all feel like this at times. We plough on, regardless, keeping our chin up - not letting life get us down. So, when do we give in - enough is enough - ok, I give up.
That is how I feel right now, Today. Probably tomorrow, I will be ok again. But tonight - I've had enough. Anybody up there listening!!!!! You bloody win. I've had enough.

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Flo said...

:( Sally :(

sending you the good stuff...

let's meet up for lunch one day?