Monday, September 11, 2006

Im a Bad Blogger.
I am a fair weather blogger and a fair weather scrapper. I have discovered this over the past few weeks. When I have problems in my life (which I have, and have had), my mojo flies out of the window. I only enjoy scrapping when all is well with my life. Same seems to be with blogging too. I wish I could write down all my problems and give them a good old airing - but i just can't seem to do it. I do occasionally ceremoniously write down stuff and then burn it - that feels good.
Loads of stuff going on at present. Still, I am trying to practise what I preach, and 'live for the moment', cos after all, that is all we have. I read somewhere recently, that if animals could talk, and you asked an Eagle (or any other animal, bird etc), 'What time is it please', they would answer ' Well it is now of course'. Cos let's face it, it is true, we only have now. We should therefore learn to live and enjoy the present. I am reading Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, at the moment (Now, lol). Hard going, but really good. So everyone, live the moment.


Flo said...

hi Sal

sorry you are having a rough time of it at the mo....I mean now! :D

things can only get better, as D-Ream said (and sorry you rushed back for the crop that I think got cancelled because of me - oops!)

luvs ya lots

Sarah x

Chrissie said...

Phwaaaw... that book sounds DEEEEEP. And HAAAAARD! I prefer Enid Blyton myself - LOL

Just you get your heiney to the Time Out and chill out for a weekend. No bringing heavy hard books either.

And book yourself in for a massage!

Jackie said...

Sending Hugs your way (NOW lol), wubs ya xx

MJ said...

Living for the now is a good philosophy (not sure about the spelling LOL) A lot of bad things happen to us in life, but you need to draw on the good things to keep you going.

Sending you cyber hugs

(of the mayonaise and coffee!! LOL)

Hysteri-CAL said...

I never plan ahead, it avoids disappointment ... if you live for the day then tomorrow is a fresh day ... IYKWIM.

*loved your joke on Kirsty's joke bloggy thing* - hence how I got here.

Actually, i'm sure there's a poem somewhere about living for the day, I must try and find it.

Sending you heaps of hugs xx