Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scott and Janines visit to Scotland

Scott and Janine went to visit Uncle Claude and Aunt Linda in Glasgow last weekend. These are the piccies that Linda took whilst they were there. Scott is just over 6 months post transplant and starting to look much better, although he still has a way to go yet.

This is my fave piccie. Scott and Janine at a Loch.
Couple more piccies. These are Scott's relatives on his dad's side, who are all from Scotland. I think his Uncle Claude bears a resemblance to Prince Philip, which is quite weird as when Scott was younger he looked loads like Prince William (not quite so much now though).

This is Uncle Claude.

and a couple more piccies.
This is Scott with his Auntie Maggie (his dad's sister).

Scott Janine and Aunt Linda (Uncle Claude's Wife) below at Strathclyde Park.

Scott and Janine and then Scott on his own.

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Jackie said...

love those piccies Sal, are we going to see them on a craft project soon?