Saturday, January 31, 2009

Computer Problems.
Haven't been able to update for a while as I have had major computer problems. Hardly any of the keys would work, which is really odd cos woke up this morning and they are all working!!!! Freaky.
Been a busy month. Chloe came down to stay whilst we worked on a memory album for her mum. We then went away for a weekend to Weston to celebrate Jak's 50th. Had a great weekend and gave her the album, which she loved.
Scott and Janine have completed on their new house, so it has been a hectic week with them getting everything sorted.
They moved out last night. I kept Broxi here for the night whilst they sorted stuff.
I am taking her round this to them this afternoon so they will be starting their new life together. They have managed to buy a lovely house. Due to the house prices dropping they were able to get a 3 bed with a garage when they originally thought they would only be able to buy a 2 bed started home, so they are very pleased.
I will miss them loads but sure I will see lots of them.
Whilst down in Weston last weekend Matt rang me and said 'Hi Mum, won't be here when you get back, I'm off to Tenerife'!!!! He and his mates got a last minute package for 300 quid all inclusive, so he is in Tenerife. He better be taking pics!!
Right off to catch up on some much needed housework - and maybe pop over to facebook.

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