Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just a quick couple of piccies. I haven't updated my blog for some time. Life is hectic at the moment. With Unc dying so suddenly on March 29th it has thrown my life into turmoil. I am having to travel up and down to Worcester each week to shop etc. for my sister as she lives in the middle of nowhere and doesn't drive. Also, she has sunk into quite a deep depression and just literally sits all day doing nothing. I'm now worried cos I think she has fluid on her lungs as she is breathing odd and her ankles keep swelling up. Every time I mention the doctors she starts crying and saying I am stressing her out. So quite honestly, I don't know what to do.

Scott still hates having his picture taken at the moment. He is still recovering from his stem cell transplant and his hair hasn't grown back properly yet and his face is still a bit puffed up from the meds. Sneaked a couple though.
So this is Scott and Broxi.
Next is a piccie of Matt. He shaved his hair off when Scott lost his due to the chemotherapy. Brotherly love. If this kid grows much more he will be reaching the ceiling. lol. Sorry he isn't a kid anymore, he is 19!! Where does the time go.

and the next piccie is Broxi doing her best impression of being a cat. lol.

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Sarah aka Flo said...

You must be so worried about your sister :( Can you contact her GP directly and talk it over with him/her? They might have some ideas.

Great to see Scott looking so healthy.

And your doggy gets more adorable every day!