Monday, February 09, 2009

Cyber Crop

Well due to being totally snowed in, I joined in with the Cyber Crop over on UKS. I did a couple of the quizzes which were really good fun and just up my street, as a major Agatha Christie fan. I only managed to do one of the layouts. It was designed by Rachel, aka Taniwha and was a fab class. Here is my rendition.
I have actually done loads of scrapping over the past couple of months, but nothing I can put on the internet as they were personal memory albums that I made for friends. I'm also in a couple of CJ's that I have worked on.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sally, Just wanted to say that I was glad you enjoyed the quizzes. I set the Interpol one and I always stress about whether people are enjoying them. This CC was right up my street as well, as I LOVE Agatha Christie. Love Sarah (scraphamster on UKS)