Monday, February 23, 2009

Crap Couple of Weeks
Well, this has been a really crap couple of weeks. I have been ill with dizzy spells and pressure in sinus and head. Have antibiotics and anti emetics from doc but still not brill. Had to miss a really good weekend away. Was booked in to see Strictly Come Dancing at the NEC and staying overnight, but had to cancel due to this bloomin dizziness that keeps coming over me. Driving has been a nightmare. Even going 5 minutes round the corner to Scott's house has been difficult so stopped driving altogether until this dizziness goes.
Did a bit of scrapping over the weekend to try to take my mind off it.
I am seriously hoping this goes very soon. Got an evening away in Birmingham soon to see the Psychic Sally Morgan and also a weekend away scrapping with my mate Sal up at Art from the Heart in Harrogate plus crop in Droitwich.
So - dizziness - GO AWAY. This is a request to the Universe.


Fairyqueen said...

Sally hope you feel better soon

Scrap girl said...

Sorry to hear you are poorly. I just caught sight of your blog on UK Scrappers and had to have a look, because your blog has the same name as mine! I love the word serendipidy, you obviously do too. Great minds think alike. Hope you feel better soon.