Wednesday, April 01, 2009


April Fools Day and my friend Jak got me a good one. Phoned me up and told me she was in hospital after a fall and had a broken back. By the time I composed myself after virtually fainting, I heard a giggle and then it hit me. It is April Fools Day. Still not quite so bad as my other mate, Deb, whose daughter phoned her at work and told her the house was on fire. pmsl. Omg. roll on tomorrow.

Anyway, first of the month is also the deadline for sending out the recent CJ that I am in. People who are in the CJ now that we are putting our entries on our blogs and not to look cos of these spoilers.

So here is my entry for this month. The CJ owner has a story of a little girl called Polly Perkins, and the book is all about her life with her sisters and nanny etc.

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Linda Elbourne said...

It looks beautiful! You did a great job!