Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Year Ago -

We lost the most wonderful, kind, gentle man in the world. Chris was my brother in law but was more like my Dad. He came into my life when I was 11. He married my sister when I was turning 13 and my Mum died two weeks to the day after they got married. These two wonderful people who should have been embarking on their own lives, ended up moving back in with me and Dad to help bring me up. They were there for me always. When I was doing O levels, it was these two who stayed up all night with me revising. When my heart was broken, they were there. When I got married. Had a child. Divorced. Remarried, had another child. They were my support, my rock, my lifeline. Now they have both gone. One year tonight Chris dropped dead and my sister died 8 weeks later. I cannot express with words how much I miss these two very special people. They are both in my thoughts most of the day, every day. They were not just 'Aunt and Unc' to my 2 sons. They were a second mum and dad. They helped me bring them up. They had no children of their own, so my boys and I were their lives, and they were a huge part of ours.

Here they are, on their Wedding day.

(so good I put it on twice. lol).

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Jak said...

Fab photo Sal.

Been thinking of you, lots of hugs xox