Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm a bit of an overprotective mother, it has to be said. My two boys live in Worcester and I live and work in Swindon. I pop up to Worcester to see them one day each week. I was back there yesterday and whilst in Tescos replenishing their stocks, got a text from Matthew, my youngest, saying to check the laptop when I got back. Ooooeeer, thinks I, looks like Im gonna be spending the night fixing viruses. When I got back and checked, he had written me a poem and left it on the laptop for me to see:

My Old Dear
Never left wanting yea my mum’s a dream
Cook you a dinner n sew up your seams
Unquestioning love gladly received
Think I’ll come home early so you can rub my feet

You’re always up waiting when I come home
Kind of feel bad you’re left all alone
I know that you worry but mummy I’m grown
Finding a way to make this life my own

You don’t have to be there every day
I know your love won’t go away
My guardian angel, my modern day saint
My love for mum will always stay

You never seem to stop til the day is done
Never have time to feel the rays of the sun
Taught me some lessons, I ain’t forgot one
Want you to be proud that I am your son

How sweet is that!


Chrissie said...

SWEET!!!?? It's positively tear-jerking. Oh my goodness gracious, honestly, there are tears in my eyes. Completely lovely. Lucky you Sal!

Jackie said...

yep I agree chrissie, I was blubbing when I read it, such sweet boys, gotta love 'em

fluffnco said...

There ya go Sally!! That boy sure lurves his mum. Your the best!! told ya ;)

got a lump in my throat.