Friday, May 05, 2006

What a Week
I got robbed - and it's definitely taken the wind out of my sails. Got a panic phone call from our accountant asking which one of us was in Bangkok!!! We were both in our dressing gowns at the time - in sunny Swindon - deffo not Bangkok. turns out one of our cards had made 5 separate transactions in 5 separate banks in Bangkok amounting to the princely sum of fifteen hundred smakaroonis. Some robbing sod had 'cloned' our debit card. After scraping DH off the ceiling, he proclaimed that it had to be me cos of all the internet shopping I do, and as he is a total technophobe, he couldn't possibly have done anything wrong. I was absolutely dying for it to have been his card. alas, however, it did turn out to be my card - but absolutely nothing to do with the internet. Although I live in Swindon, my 'home' town (City actually), is Worcester, where I have a house and my children live in it. I travel up weekly to check they haven't totally wrecked the joint (partially, I can and have had to handle,lol). On my way back, I call in at the local petrol station before hitting the M5, which I found out today is under investigation for major fraud. So after lengthy police calls, bank calls etc., it turns out some little weasel at that petrol station has cloned mine and dozens of other cards, passed the information on to an accomplice in Bangkok, where they draw out literally hundreds and thousands of pounds at different banks over a period of 2/3 days at a time. C.I.D Police and Fraud people from the Bank are investigating as we speak, and I am hoping and praying we get our money back. Not a brilliant week. I blame my Buddha, or actually my husband. I have a lovely Buddha water fountain with a revolving crystal over which the water cascades. About 3 weeks ago, my husband decided to clean it out. It stopped working. The past 3 weeks have been rubbish although it wasn't until this morning that DH said, 'things have really gone wrong since that Buddha stopped working, Im gonna try to fix it'. So he takes it apart to find, dah, dah, an on/off switch that he had obviously accidentally switched off whilst cleaning. So Buddha switched back on. Within minutes, had a phone call from a potential customer. A phone call from the Bank saying we should get our money back, and a phone call about a planning application (we erect conservatories), that we have had a problem with due to a sewer pipe, giving us the go ahead. My hubby is now definitely a convert.


fluffnco said...

Can't believe your OH didn't believe in the first place Sal but at least your good fortune is back hun. what a week you've had

Chrissie said...

Oh Sally that's TERRIBLE. Thieving swines...I hope their bits fall off and the stumps of what's left go all moldy!

I'm so nice (LOL!!)

Jackie said...

PMSL at chrissies go girl!!

Hugs to you Sal as the song says, things can only get better mwwahhh matey