Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thanks to the wonder that is the INTERNET, I have found my cousins that I have not seen for getting on 40 years. Our mothers were sisters who came over from Ireland in their teens to make a new life for themselves. We were all very close when we were young, but unfortunately, my mum died when I was 13 and my aunt, uncle and cousins had moved away to London by then. Everyone then just went their ways, as we do in life, and we all lost touch. So it is absolutely fabulous to have found them again and we are all hoping to meet later this year. So here are my cousins: Angie, and Patricia. Angie is pictured with Pat's son Robin, Pat is on her own (picture wise that is) cos the lovely looking fella in the flowered shirt is her hubby, Pat's other son Pete is on his own gazing gorgeously out (to sea, I think as he is a Diving Instructor) Angies lad Christopher is the one with the gorgeous long hair. I have yet to get a piccie of my other cousin Teresa and family, but when I do, I will post on. Can ya tell I'm all excited. Can deffo see a family resemblance, and can't wait to meet them all.


Jackie said...

Wow, really excited for you Sal and yes def a family resemblance going on there LOL x

Flo said...

cool - I can leave comments now :)

loved reading this feelgood story :)

Chrissie said...

Well done. I love a bit of genealogy success! One of the proudest things I've ever done was relocate my dad's first cousin Molly. My Uncle Mike came over from Australia and they met up after 50 years and we couldn't get a word in edgewise,they were just so chuffed to see each other (we had tea at the Ritz!) When my aunt and uncle returned to Oz, Uncle Mike very soon after discovered he had leukemia and sadly died (only in his 60s). I was so glad I'd done that research and made that meeting happen.