Friday, February 10, 2006

This is my new blog. I have tried before, and failed miserably. If at first, and all that malarkey, here I go again. I have called her (I think she is a she) Serendipity, as I hope to fill her with lots of interesting unexpected finds as well, no doubt, as moans, laughs and any other little ditties that come my way. Just keeping fingers crossed that I get the hang of it this time. Piccies are of my son Scott and his girlfriend Janine, and the other one is Matt, my youngest. They are very special to me and will probably feature a lot in my blog, so thought I'd show a piccie of them.


Jackie said...

hey welcome to blog land (again LOL)

Cath said...

Gorgeous boys Sal!

Claire said...

What beautiful people you know!
Welcome to blog world land!