Monday, February 27, 2006

Wierd Day today

It is my mother in law's birthday today. She was diagnosed with Lewy Bodies Dementia last year - her hubby died a couple of months later, so she is now cared for in a Care Home. We went to see her to take her for lunch and I made her a card. She was, without a doubt, probably one of the most intelligent women I have met in my lifetime. She is widely travelled. Could complete the Times crossword over a cup of coffee. Having said all that, she would have described herself as a 'Homemaker'. She loved her home. She is now but the a shadow of her former self, and would be mortified if she knew I had to go into 'Ladies' with her, to help her with her knickers and tucking in her blouse and zipping up her zips. Life can be very cruel. I pray she doesn't drag on in this scary (for her) zone, that she doesn't understand, and has no return.

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