Thursday, February 16, 2006

Typing this with the gorgeous smell of braised lamb shanks wafting through the house. Have bought a new slow cooker, and it is wonderful. Chucked it all in this morning and we came home to the lovely aroma of our dinner already cooked. Yum. Popping a piccie of my Art Journal Cover on to remind me to actually fill the rest of it Ordered a new Basic Grey pack and Daisy D pack with a few other bits from me ol mate Jaks last night, so really looking forward to getting me mitts on those little lurvelies. Spending the evening clearing out my scraproom, as I ended up stamping onto a piece of card last night with a space about 2" square, which was the only bit of space not covered in stash. So determined not to do anymore, until I clear up. urgh.

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Chrissie said...

Hi Sally!!! Found you ...and you've been tagged! (see my blog for the questions)

Chrissie x