Monday, March 27, 2006

Blonde Moments

This is the layout i did yesterday of my son's lovely girlfriend Janine having her highlights done. Seemed very appropriate to use the gorgeous Blonde Moments paper for her Blonde Moment.
Apart from that, worked most of the weekend. boo. Hoping to go up to Worcester to see kids tomorrow, then back to it. Swindon crop next Sunday though, so have that to look forward to, and then Ally Pally the week after (in a limo), wooooohhhooooo.


Jackie said...

fab! absolutely love it! bring it sunday so I can see it irl :D

jeanettes said...

Hi Sally just checked out your latest creation!You,ve done a lovely job on my daughter!
Keep up the good work Im quite intrigued by this site.
From Jeanette (janines mum)xx