Thursday, March 09, 2006

This is another layout I did for the Homegrown Challenge. We had to incorporate the No. 3, with 3 frames, 3 buttons, 3 layouts and 3 patterned papers. Quite weird cos I think it is really naff, but hubby really liked it (think its probably cos he is on it). Got loads to do this week and really busy with work. Wanted to do this months layout for uks as well, cos I've got a good idea lurking around my one creative little grey cell. Supposed to be working all weekend, but gonna skive on Saturday to go to Jak's crop in Droitwich. She betta bake a nice cake, seeing as Im driving 70 miles to it.

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Jackie said...

Hey twin, I reckon thats the reason twig likes the layout too LOL.

Cake, course we have cake, but you 'dont eat sweet stuff'.....oh yea forgot only when your on your hols hahah!

See you sat, really looking forward to it x