Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Swindon Croppers
Wene to Swindon crop yesterday. It is really good as we are all getting to know each other quite well now and having a right laugh. In fact, we are all going together to the Ally Pally in April, and boy, are we doing it in style. We have booked a limo to take us and pick us up afterwards. Champers on board. There has even been talk of pole dancing in the limo on the way home. note to self : must remember to ask my ol mate Jak if she is using her broomstick that weekend, sure she can find another mode of transport for the day, she won't mind us using it as a pole. bless. (lubs ya Jaks). We are opponents in a competition at the moment for Homegrown, so Im not allowed to be too nice to her - got to scare her into submission. lol
Anyway, here's one of the layouts I have done for the challenge. We had to use ribbons as a main part of the layout.


Jackie said...

the point is I DONT want to go forward with the comp on Homegrown, so its all yours darlin'!

actually sod it, im not gonna do anything towards it now!

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

PS: the only broom Ive got is the one you left at my house yesterday, along with your spell book, pmsl.

"Ill get you my pretty"!

Kirsty said...

cracking layout hunny - its a winner